Bize Ulaşmak İçin
Turkish Lessons For Foreigners


We successfully help our students achieve the four basic language skills (Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading) from elementary to advanced level.

Thanks to our communicative approach, students are able to acquire and use grammar, reading, listening, dictation, writing, and speaking skills in a fun way and with the most advanced methods examined and approved by our Turkish teachers.

At turkish for foreigners program, all our teachers are highly trained, use interactive materials, and innovative methods to increase your ability to apply your newly acquired skills.

We guarantee you a high level of personal attention thanks to face to face education and our flexibility in tailoring your language course to your individual needs.

Our Interactive Teaching Method at Turkish lessons, engages students in their learning process that quickly develops their confidence and their communication skills.


The methods used in our Turkish classes are designed to improve students' understanding and speaking skills as quickly as possible.

Essential grammar topics will be explained briefly but comprehensively. They will be followed by intensive practice in all four basic language skills mentioned above.

Interactive materials will be used in order to improve discussions between students, and between the students and the teacher.

The use of games and drama in class will make your learning process fun and enjoyable. As a result, you will learn not only thanks to listening to your teacher and learning from the book but especially thanks to real-life conversations with your teacher and fellow students.

Moreover, videos prepared for our Turkish classes, will show you the grammatical constructions that you learn in class, being used in many different everyday life situations. This approach will help you remember their correct use and will improve your listening, understanding, and speaking skills as well.

Homework will be given to reinforce the subjects and for general revision. Our devoted teachers and successful methods will make your time here worthy and you will achieve the level of Turkish language that you desire.

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